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Give your employees the confidence of financial security through Noble Credit Union's Lunch & Learn program. We provide free financial seminars at your place of business and educate your employees on a topic of your choice. Lunch is provided for all who attend. Webinars are available as well as select presentations in Spanish.*

Follow the Journey to Financial Security:


Acquiring the Money Mindset

When it comes to improving your finances, your mindset is a critical foundational piece. In this seminar, you will learn how adjusting your perception can help you achieve your financial goals. 


Basic Skills of Budgeting*

If you're new to budgeting, it's important to understand what a budget is and how it helps you examine money coming in and money going out. When you master this basic formula, you can start working to improve your financial condition.


Saving as a Habit

With your budget as a guide, the next step is cultivating the habit of saving. In this seminar, we discuss different saving options, practical tips, and how to set yourself up for saving success.


Preventing Over-indebtedness*

Credit can open up big possibilities, but can also get you into trouble if you aren't careful. Responsible borrowing and knowing what, where, when, and why to borrow money can help you to avoid falling into overwhelming debt.


Drowning in Debt

Life's unpredictable. If you've found yourself struggling with debt payments or falling behind, these strategies can help you get back in control.


Growning the Nest Egg

Are you ready for the future? In this seminar we review critical retirement choices to best set you up to life your best (future) life. 


Ask Me Anything

Let's have an open discussion. Come with all your questions and we can learn more from each other!

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