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Building Financial Freedom and Independence

The 4th of July doesn’t only have to be about celebrating Independence Day; it can also be a good time to remember to build financial independence too. Financial freedom looks different from person to person; but in the end, it is about taking ownership of your finances so that you can live the life you want. 

Financial Freedom

There are 4 building blocks of financial freedom: budgeting, reducing expenses, eliminating debt, and increase savings.

Financial Independence

Being able to live on passive income means your income is generated from something other than an employer. People typically generate passive income through investing, asset building, and asset sharing.

To help you achieve financial freedom and independence, Noble Credit Union has partnered with Banzai to provide you with resources for whatever financial stage you’re at. Check out some of the different collections, interactive calculators, and even interactive financial coaches to learn more.


Want to provide your staff with more information on how they can achieve financial independence?

Noble Credit Union offers free lunch and learn seminars to lead your staff on the journey to financial freedom.


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