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  • Carin Hodge

School's out and summer is HERE!

June is a great time to tackle financial plans because the days are longer and we tend to feel more motivated during the summer months.

We’re spending more time outdoors and making lasting memories with friends and family. But summer can also be that time of year that can break the bank. With vacations, special activities and camps, these extra expenses can all add up - and fast.

With the year only halfway through, there’s plenty of time to make positive financial progress and still enjoy the sun and fun.

Tools For The Summer

1. Save on vacation: Whether you have a large vacation planned or a few small day trips, there are plenty of ways that you can save. With the Vacation Affordability Calculator, you can see how much you’ll need to budget before you hit the road. Do any of your debit or credit cards offer discounts on amusement park tickets, car rentals, flights, and restaurants? All of those savings perks can add up! Also, membership places like Costco or AAA provide discounts to members as well as your Noble Perks Checking Account.

2. Reduce, lower, and cut: Summertime can also mean kids are out of school and now there are more people spending more time in the house. This can mean higher food and utility bills.

3. Best summer purchases: Watch for discounts on power and yard tools. Father’s Day often leads to many sales so be on the lookout! With the end of prom season and graduation ceremonies, formal wear is also discounted in June. Gyms are often experiencing a slow season at this time, so you may be able to find amazing membership deals as well as exercise equipment since the rush of the new year is over. Best of all, don’t forget about semiannual sales!


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